Sage Advice Home Herbal Apothecary Cours

With Autumn Schulze,

Herbal Health Coach

Is 'Sage Advice' for you?

  • Are you drawn to natural healing?

  • Do you have a desire to study herbalism from home?

  • Are you looking for access to an Herbalist to be able to ask questions?

  • Do you want more confidence to support yourself, family, friends & even clients safely?

  • Are you seeking a supportive & interactive community of herbalists?

Herbal Foundations

The foundation of Herbalism is the sharing of knowledge & practices, among a community with a desire to learn how to partner with plants to support wellness.

Other Herbal Programs & Memberships

  • Recorded (Static) educational resources on herb selection or predefined recipes about herbs

  • Self-study programs with no access to actual herbalists

How 'Sage Advice' is Unique?

'Sage Advice' Membership Offers

  • LIVE & Interactive Community

  • LIVE Educational Trainings 


  • Group Mastermind for brainstorming & feedback

  • active participation

  • including access to a professional Herbalist

Why Sage Advice: Home Herbal Apothecary Membership?


  • Ongoing access to an Herbalist offering Sage Advice

  • Be part of a supportive Herbal Community

  • Interactive & LIVE Membership Trainings

  • Part Becoming an Herbalist & Herbal Apprenticeship Online Courses

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