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Sweet Kava Embrace - Anxiety & Stress Support Potion

Made with Organic Orgrients: Brandy infused with dried Kava Root, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Corriander, Aniseed, Ginger, and Raw Honey   2 oz

Take 1-3 droppersfull as needed.

Herbal Alcohol Extract Tincture - Contains a little GLUTEN from Brandy


Therapeutic Support:

Eases Tension

Relaxes Body

Opens the mind

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

May Relieve Pain

Tropical Climates, Traditional Ceremonial Herb, Soothe Arguments Between Communities

Kava kava (“kava” for short) Contains Substances called Kavapyrones. Making you Feel Calm, Relaxed, & Happy.

Doesn’t Block Neurotransmitters but Kavalactones, an Active Chemical Constituent that Relaxes Muscles and Tones Nerve Endings. May Relieve Pain and Prevent Seizures.

Sweet Kava Embrace - Anxiety Support Potion

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