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So you want to make every day 
herbal remedies in the kitchen?

Did you know you can make herbal medicine at home without a lot of fancy ingredients and expensive tools?


You will leave this course feeling empowered to experiment & create your own plant medicines at home for yourself, your family, and beyond.


After each lesson, you receive step by step instructions, 

informative recipes, & the ability to create 2-3 herbal goodies.


You will receive 6 Modules (over 12 hours) of on demand, 

demonstration style classes.


We will explore 11 types of herbal preparations,  

including the reasons why we utilize each herb & how to prepare them.

This course is for you if you want to :
 Build your confidence & skills using your kitchen/garden herbs for common ailments
• Take the mystery out of using natural remedies
• Gain working knowledge & practical skills to use natural remedies to support prevention
• Turn your kitchen spices into an effective herbal apothecary
• Not suffer the side effects of pharmaceutical medications
• Nurture your family with natural home remedies
• Confidently use kitchen remedies as solutions to support your everyday wellness

What's in the course?

Module One

Therapeutic 13 Herbs


Review of Autumn's top 13 herbs to gather for your home apothecary. 


Get to know their therapeutics as we build your Materia Medica/herbal card file.

Module Four

Vinegars/ Shrubs/ Oxymels


Extract herbs for alcohol-free medicine, food, and refreshing drinks.

Module Two

Herbal Teas


Brew and blend your own tasty & therapeutic herbal teas.


Why herbal teas, brewing methods, formulating, the many uses of tea, and more.

Module Five

IMG_4339 (3).JPG

Oils/ Salves

Infuse oils for body care and topical therapeutic use.


Learn to transform an herbal oil into a precious ointment salve.

Module Three

Tinctures/ Cordials/Elixirs


Create and formulate liquid extracts from fresh or dry plants.


Compliance is everything, so let's make them yummy!

Module Six

Honey Jars

Syrups & Honeys


Simmer and preserve sweet & delicious aromatic herbal remedies.




Understanding the specific benefits of each herb, takes the guess work out of creating your powerful Home Herbal Apothecary


Get to know over 20 healing plant benefits that turn your spice rack into a super useful home apothecary, such as:

• digestives to calm and soothe

• anti-bacterial spices for colds

• decongestant remedies for allergies

• nerve tonics for stress…..and more


Use Autumn’s stories and experience to guide you into the deep, healing value of your kitchen herbs and spices and learn just how simple it is to put them to work as a pro-active health care plan.



Get comfortable making simple yet nourishing home remedy recipes that are deeply rooted in preventing sickness.


Your self-care and home wellness breakthrough starts right in the center of your kitchen!


This video course guides you step by step through yummy home remedy recipes that I've used for years.


Explore my easy to follow recipes … and you’re on your way to feeling confident, in turning your desire to optimize your families health into a reality.



Choose from 7 of my top herbal remedy preparation 

techniques, so you can help friends and family in more ways than you thought possible. 


Learn numerous ways to use herbal teas for: 

• restorative herbal baths

• sore throat syrup, 

• medicinal honeys,

• menstrual cramps,

• healing skin salve…..and more


Being successful isn't just about knowing which plant to use, but HOW to BEST PREPARE the plant. 


This is where you learn your medicine making techniques, so it's not a last minute scramble to figure out what to do when you really need natural remedies on your side.



Where you get motivated to sustain a lifetime of enjoying essential self-care practices that are worthy of passing on to the next generation. 


Did you think you would ever become absolutely passionate about infusing your home with this creative, healing art? 

Implementation strategies will strengthen your devotion and excitement to creating healthy wellness routines that are meaningful, delicious and easy.

Course Instructor

I am Autumn Schulze, 

known as 'The Herbal Health Mentor' 


I guide & empower others to prioritize their own

health & perform at their best level.


I love sharing herbal remedies 

& educating on the healing powers of food as medicine.


My exploration of the body began more than 20 years ago when I earned a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Biomedical Science, from Texas A&M University. 


Then I spent over 13 years working in the clinical pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on coordinating and auditing investigative human drug trials. 


Transitioning into holistic health when my father’s cancer returned, I developed a better understanding of the healing power of food & herbs.  I then studied Herbal Medicine via several in person & online programs, and earned a health coach certification. 


CEO of Autumn’s Harvest, LLC  

& creator of the ‘Thyme to Thrive’ Gut Healing Program.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the course open for sign up/purchase?

A:  Enrollment opened as of June 15, 2021. 


Q: When does the course launch for learning?

A: The course opened to students on July 24th, 2021 and ran for 6 weeks.

    If you sign up today you will get all 6 modules immediately.


Q: When will weekly content come available?

A: If you sign up today you will get all 6 modules immediately.


Q: What happens when I sign up?

A: - Once you create your personal Thinkific log in & complete payment, you gain instant access to the course sent to the email you signed up with in Thinkific (the learning platform).  Immediately all 6 modules will be available for you. 


Q: Are these lessons LIVE or recorded?

A: This course is prerecorded. 


Q: How will I access ‘Thinkific’ the online learning platform for recordings?

A: You will create a personal log in to our online course platform. There recorded trainings & other content is organized.


Q: After I buy the class, how long will I have to watch them?

A: You’ll have access for two years. How does that sound?!


Q: What if I fall behind, will it be weird if I jump in a training session without watching the previous videos?

A: The best way for you to make the most of the course is to go in order. Everyone is going to be at their own pace depending on their individual circumstances.


Q: How does this price compare to private herbal & health education sessions?

A: It’s a steal! Our Herbal Health Mentor sessions (for a professional level) range from $100 to $500 an hour. With this program, you get access to several hours of video instruction & supporting handouts/recipes. Being empowered with remedies at home to support the body is so important, especially in 2021. This is a great way to get herbal learning support at a course price!


Q: Can I get a refund?

A: We believe wholeheartedly in the value this course provides. All course purchases are non-refundable, but may be used toward future courses within a one year period. To discuss please e-mail

Copywrite 2021 Autumn's Harvest, LLC

All Rights Reserved.


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