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Simply Nettles Organic Loose Herbal Tea


Nettles (Urtica dioica) Leaves


Nettle Leaves(Urtica dioca) - This herbal tonic will benefit the entire body in many ways. It is high in nutrients; vitamins C, K, A, Iron, Calcium and Chlorophyll. Nettle is an excellent nourishing herb for any woman. It is tasty as freshly steamed greens and make a tasty tea. The tea is a mild diuretic and aids in the elimination of excess water and uric acid from body tissues. Nettles also contain histamine which make it beneficial for allergic reactions. This incredible herb works as a blood purifier, a kidney tonic, a lung tonic and a support herb for the reproductive system. Daily infusions help increase bone mass rather than using bone stores. Helps the Kidneys flush out excess metabolic waste.




Simply Nettles Organic Loose Herb

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