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Private Consults

  • Are you ready to learn more about an alternative health care approach that is more holistic and includes a more balanced life?

  • Not getting results from over-the-counter or prescription medicine?

  • Want to learn more about herbs as a practical everyday medicine with multiple benefits (not side effects)?

  • Are you ready to make your own medicinal tea and learn about the customized formula?


Let's Chat & Connect Free

- 15 minute connection to see how I can help you or answer and course questions you have

Virtual Custom Herbal TEA/Product Consultation (Phone or Video Chat) $100

- 1 Hour Health Discussion

- 1 Month Supply of Personalized Custom TEA/Herbal Product Shipped to Your Door (USA Only)

- Includes Personalized Herbal, Lifestyle & Health Recommendations

Client Establishment Package - Virtual Wellness Consultation

(Phone or Video Chat) $375

- 1.5 Hour Health Deep Dive Discussion & Strategy Session 

- Includes one 45 minute Follow-Up Session (Usually 4-6 Weeks Later)

- 1 Month Supply of 3 Personalized Custom TEAs/Herbal Products (USA Only)

- Includes Complete Personalized Herbal, Lifestyle & Health Recommendations

- Establishment on my Client Roster for Priority Follow Up

Periodic follow-up/check-in appointments as needed for support. 

Especially for chronic conditions and fertility support.

Established Clients Stand Alone Health Consult Prices

30 minute session $50

45 minute session $70

60 minute session $85

Considering a Consultation

Many clients begin to work with me through an initial consultation package. Where we will sit down together and review your health history and future goals. We discuss what natural preventive measures to could implement to support your health goals and transformation journey. 

Serious about changing your health?
Let's Explore Working Together.
Contact Us

Thanks for reaching out.

 **The services performed during these meetings are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of nutritional and  overall health and do not involve diagnosing, treatment or prescribing remedies for the treatment of disease.**

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