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Austin Herb Society

January 2, 2018 

Love Yourself & Take Control of Your Vitality

  • Simple and robust health ideas you can implement in the new year.

  • The basics to using food and herbs as everyday medicine for daily symptoms.

    • Such as cinnamon for lowering blood sugar.

  • Natural life hacks to increase your energy and vitality.

    • Including delicious everyday herbal teas and vegetable/fruit juices.

  • The healing power of adding more whole, plant based foods to your diet.

    • Discover the heart health of nuts, beans and oatmeal!​

Past Custom Classes & Events

  • Learn how to naturally support everyday health issues with delicious & nutritive beverages.

  • There will be a focus on supportive herbal teas & vegetable juicing for more energy via concentrated nutrients.

  • Instruction on growing, harvesting & drying your own herbs. Even on a porch in Texas!

  • Steeping demonstrations with instruction for Infusions and Decoctions. 

  • How teas can support your immune system, digestion & sleep.

  • Why juicing could be a beneficial tool for your health, vitality & even skin!

  • A micro-nutrient punch in a natural, simple & tasty drink.

  • Tips on juice preparation & storage.

  • Fresh Juicing demonstration, which differs from smoothies as the juicer separates the insoluble fiber as pulp.

Tuscan Village Lakeway

January 4, 2018 

Cheers To Your Health!

Women's Club Greater Lakeway (Garden SIG)

January 12, 2018 

Everyday Herbs, Teas, Cosmetics: a Women's Herbal Medicine Bag

  • The healing power of adding herbs to your everyday routine.​

  • Various herbs you can grow here in central Texas.

  • Techniques to harvest & store for gifts or medicinal teas.

  • Learn herbs that women have used historically for common issues.

  • Simple cosmetic ingredients to heal & detoxify such as facial steams and masks!

Tuscan Village Vendor Event

January 18, 2018 

A fun meet and greet!

  • Got to meet some wonderful new Tuscan Village residents.

  • Was able to meet a woman, Julie, who said my 'Everday Tea' helped her flu sore throat symptoms! Wonderful news for sure.

  • Debut of our 'Natural Beauty Box' special valentines day order.

February 14 - Tuscan Village Vendor Event

Valentines Ladies Brunch

  • What a celebration for the ladies of Tuscan Village!

  • I was able to provide my lovely iced 'Refreshing Blend' Hibiscus Peppermint tea.

  • Able to provide each lady with a custom essential oil/almond oil sugar scrub.

Custom Salve Class

February 17, 2018 

DIY Salve Instruction - Taught at my Home!

By Client Request

  • Had a really fun potluck and warm nutritive teas!

  • The basics of making your own maceration infused herbal oil.

  • Instruction on turning the infused oil into a salve and adding custom essential oils.

  • We made Comfrey, Lavender and Calendula infused salve. Great support for cuts, scrapes and soothing skin. Even new tattoos. Extra's soon to be on my site for sale.

Austin Herb Society Presents

at TreeHouse Austin

April 28, 2018 

Demo: Grow A Texas Tea Garden

At Austin Location in Westgate.

We had a great time at TreeHouse in Austin to discovering many delicious herbs and the joy of making your own homegrown teas!

Topics included growing, proper harvesting/storage techniques and brewing methods, as well as benefits each tea could provide.

Most of all everyone got to plant & take their own tea garden pot home. 

EarthDay Austin 2018

April 29th

Varied Events 12-7

Guest of:

Herbal Tea Demonstration at 4:30


DIY Topics will include growing, harvesting and most of all brewing your own herbal teas.


Brewing demonstration an iced tea tasting plus which herbs are supportive for digestion, relaxation & more. 

  • Informative discussion, DIY spa demonstration & take home your own rejuvenating facial serum sample!!

  • Plus natural tips on supporting your skins hydration and health.

-Botanical Spa Beauty Experience –

Rejuvenate your hands with a 5 step hand ‘facial’, if you will,

including a sampling of the following:

  • -A floral soak with lavender and roses

  • -An organic scrub, with oatmeal and rosemary

  • -An organic mask with sage and chamomile

  • -A white rose hydrosol toner spray

  • -A serum oil infused with lavender and calendula flowers

Botanical Beauty

Tuscan Village Lakeway

April 30, 2018

Private Event For Residents

  • Such a fun vendor event for the residents.

  • An opportunity to shop, talk and have some wine on us!

  • The debut of our beauty bag and fall line of immune teas.

IMG_7963 tuscan oct 2018.JPG

Art & Craft Fair

Tuscan Village Lakeway

October 12, 2018

Private Event For Residents

IMG_7962 tuscan oct 2018.JPG
IMG_7967 tuscan oct 2018.JPG
IMG_7960 tuscan oct 2018.JPG
IMG_7961 tuscan oct 2018.JPG

Austin Herb Society

November 6, 2018 

Herbal Gifts to Make

Happy to step in on a last minute presentation for AHS


Ideas for Herbal Gifts

  • Teas, Honey and Cocoa

  • Herbal Hydrotherapy, Bath Teas & Salts​

Luxury Hotel Spa Collection

December 4th - Austin Herb Society Holiday Party & Bazaar - (Autumn is a Vendor)


Annual AHS Holiday Party & Bazaar where sponsors and members can vendor the event.


Wonderful refreshments and social tables abound.

December 4th, 2018 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Zilker Botanical Garden

2220 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78746​

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