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Course & Workshop Topics

Autumn Schulze Herbalist Health Coach Herbal Beauty & First Aid Lakeway Women's Club
Natural Digestive Healing
Custom Group Presentations
Medicinal Tea Tastings
Plant Based Recipe Demonstrations
DIY Herbal Remedy Courses

Every Day Herbal Tea 101

Autumn Schulze Herbalist Health Coach Growing a Texas Tea Garden at TreeHouse Austin

Please reach out if you would like to discuss a custom program to fit your needs.

Some Example Programs:

Nutritional Remedies

Food is an amazing everyday medicine that can be used for healing, detox, disease prevention and even reversal. 

  • Cancer Fighting Foods & Herbs

  • Diet & Lifestyle to Prevent & Possible Reverse Degenerative Diseases

  • Customized Therapeutic Discussions on Disease and Symptom Relief

  • Fun Salads and Beverages from Your Herb Garden

  • Therapeutic Teas, Baths and Tinctures

  • Herbs for Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes

  • Herbs & Nutrition to Support Body Systems​

  • How to Transition to Healthier Eating, Where to Begin?

  • Fun and Simple Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes

  • Food is Medicine, Healing Stories

Herbal Remedies

​Herbs have been used for centuries for their sheer elegance and allurement, for landscaping, for culinary pleasures, for making cosmetics, skin care products and of course for medicine. 

A first line of defense can easily be a hot cup of tea or an herbal bath when you or your family members have a health problem.

  • Learn How to Grow Herbs in Texas

  • Growing a Texas Tea Garden

  • Herbs for Everyday Ailments

  • Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit

  • Herbs for Women's Health

  • Herbs for Fertility Support

  • Herbs in the Landscape

  • Grow a Cocktail Garden

  • Herbal Skin and Body Care

  • Herbs to Fight Inflammation

  • Herbs for Immunity, Fire Immune Cider

  • Herbs for Nervous System Support

  • Herbal Allies for Digestion and Gut Health

Autumn Schulze Herbalist Health Coach Austin Herbal Mask
Autumn Schulze Herbalist Health Coach Austin DIY Salve Class in Autumn's Home

Custom Tea & Herbal Programs

Organic Herbal Tea Parties (1-2 hours)

We help you throw a fabulous tea party, from a casual get-together to an elegant afternoon tea or a themed tea party.

Whether it’s Tea & Chocolate or Tea & Cheeses, seasonal pairings, or tea and food pairings from a particular country, we can present a delicious sampling of foods and teas that complement each other.

For larger tea parties, we are happy to work with a food caterer choice. We can work with your caterer, or can provide certain foods in compliance with state and local food law statutes.

You and your guests will sample an assortment of teas and learn fun facts and preparation tips for each tea.

Pricing for a guided tasting of 3 teas for up to 10 people: $200.
Add $20 for an additional Tea

Add $10 per Attendee for food parings

Herbal Spa Experience (4 Hours Total)

We help you learn fun facts about herbs, herbal beauty preparation tips try your own creations! (4 Hour Program/Spa Experience)

You and your guests will get to sample an assortment of Herbal Beauty Techniques.

Pricing for a guided DIY Herbal Learning, Recipe Creation & Application of Treatment:

Herbal Infused: Steam, Scrub, Mask, Hydrosol and Facial Oil

For Each Person: $100 per Attendee

Herbal Product Making (1-3 Hours Total)

We help you understand what to do with herbs from your garden, how to use them fresh, drying, storing and preserving the plant medicine from our Divine herbs.

You and your guests will get to learn about herbal product making technique(s) and get some hands-on experience.

Pricing for a guided DIY Herbal Learning & Creation with Take Home Product Samples

Teas, Tincture, Oils $40 per Attendee

Salves or Syrups: $50 per Attendee

Custom Health & Food Programs

Organic Juicing 101: the What, Why and How of Juicing Vegetable and Fruit for Health (2 hours)

We help you utilize juicing vegetables to support vitality and disease prevention. DIY Tips, Demonstrations and Tastings!

We will walk you through what juicing really is and how it can support your body systems, healing and energy levels. 

Pricing for a guided demonstration & tasting of 2 juices for up to 5 people: $100.
Add $20 per Attendee 

Whole Foods Plant Based Recipes - They Can Taste Amazing! (2-3 hours)

We help you learn fun facts about whole foods plant based nutrition. Yummy preparation tips while getting to try our creations!

Plant base diets support the reversal of Diabetes Type II & Heart Disease all the while giving you more vitality and packed nutrition. When faced with removing meat, dairy or eggs from you diet this is a great resource to feel you don't have to just eat lettuce and broccoli....

Pricing for a guided DIY Recipe Planning, Creation & Tasting Experience

For Each Person: $50 per Attendee (2 minimum Attendees)

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