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The Beauty of Herbal Medicine

As an Herbalist I am partial to treating plants as medicine, gifts from the Divine that can whisper, if we just listen.

Herbal medicine is as ancient as life itself; our first foods & medicines were plants. Our bodies evolved deeply interrelated with the Earth’s ecosystems over hundreds of thousands of years. Our ancestors were interconnected with the flora and fauna. Observing which plants did not make the animals sick, or even made us feel better.

The innate connection with plant flora has created a natural affinity for their unrefined products in our bodies. As technology takes us further from nature, the basis of good health & nutrition can still be found by maintaining this integral connection with our natural environment.

Plant Medicine is a potent reminder of the interdependence of all beings & the goodness offered by the earth.

Herbs are powerful. Some may be used as pleasant tasting teas; others may be used to bring about significant changes within our bodies.

That is why in my coaching practice Autumn’s Harvest emphasis is not to treat pathologies, but to look at the body and it’s organ systems in terms of balance & imbalance, to unify & bring harmony to the body’s amazing capacity to heal itself.

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