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Coaching Testimonials

"I was able to participate in a weight loss challenge at work. Autumn was able to coach me through small changes I could make day to day. I had to be careful due to my Diabetes and we made a solid and workable plan. Each time we talked she provided more support and simple changes to make that week. I am proud to announce I not only lost weight but I won the $500.00 prize from my work challenge too! 

- Monique, Atlanta, Georgia


& After
Thyme to Thrive

"I have been able to take what Autumn has taught me and apply it to my everyday life. As a working Mom with 3 kids I needed meal planning and time saving ideas. I also wanted nutrition and herbal support to help fight my Multiple Sclerosis too. Autumn did a lot of research for me and broke it down to level of what nuts would help best feed my brain and tea to protect my myelin sheaths. She gave me some great salad recipes to fill my family. Even to the point where some nights my husband didn't notice the meat was missing! ".

- Merete, Dripping Springs, Texas


"Autumn has been coaching me in my weight loss goals and body transformation. She has helped me through educating me on the right foods to eat, how to prepare my weekly foods in advance, as well as what to expect when your body goes through the detoxification process. She is very professional and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their lives".

- Brittany, Salt Lake City, Utah


"I wanted to lose weight and have more vitality. I was also inspired to make changes due to a family Cancer diagnosis. I was able to do a couple of private nutrition and vegetable juicing lessons from Autumn. I took the knowledge and additional research suggestions and got to juicing. As the weeks passed the weight came off and I began to feel my energy return. I have had a lot of fun juicing new things, like jalapenos! It has been a great addition to my new cancer prevention lifestyle. 

- Brandon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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