Lemon Balm Elixir Tincture - 2 oz


2 oz liquid herbal extract.

For relaxation, anxiety, nervous system and sleep support. As a mint may also help with digestion.


Made with Organic Ingredients:

Local Vodka infused with Lemon Balm Leaves (Melissa officinalis), Homemade Lemongrass Syrup (Lemongrass, Water, Sugar)   


Suggested Use:  Shake well. Take 60 to 90 drops as needed for relaxation support. Therapeutic dose 90 drops twice daily.


Therapeutic Support:



Tonify Nervous System

Anxiety - Reduction of Nervous Tension

Anti-spasmodic = relaxes the stomach

Eases Night Time Headaches

‘Gladdening Herb’, Soothing & Calming

Relaxing Restorative for Nervous System - Anti-Depressant

Promote Sleep, Mild Sedative

Mint, Slows the Digestive System Contractions, aka Peristalsis (great after indulging).

Menstrual Cramps

Cold Sores

Contains a Compound Known as Rosmarinic Acid that Appears to Have Potent Antioxidant & Antimicrobial Properties


Lemon Balm Elixir Tincture - 2 oz Vodka Infusion

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