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Online Beginner Herbal Gifts Course

Create Creative Therapeutic Gifts This Holiday Season & Beyond!

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Herbalism is an ancient way of healing that continues to thrive today. 

People are drawn to home herbalism for so many reasons. 


It’s easily accessible, affordable and very effective, without the worry of the many side effects that can come with modern medicine. 


For many of us, working closely with the plants renews that deep connection to nature we have long yearned for. 

About Your Instructor

Hello I am Autumn Schulze, known as 'The Herbal Health Coach'


I guide & empower others to prioritize their own

health & perform at their best level.


I share herbal remedies & the healing powers of food as medicine.

My exploration of the body began more than 20 years ago as I studied Bio-Medical Science earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University. I spent over 13 years in the clinical pharmaceutical industry with a focus on coordinating and auditing investigative new human drug trials.

I transitioned into holistic health when my Father’s Cancer returned. To better understand the healing power of food, I then studied Herbal Medicine and earned a Health Coach Certification.

I am CEO of Autumn’s Harvest, LLC 

& creator of the ‘Thyme to Thrive’ Gut Healing Program.



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