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Why Autumn's Harvest?










I have created Autumn's Harvest, LLC to be able to share knowledge that has helped me along my journey, one that continues today as I adore learning and enjoy challenging myself.


I have been going through some serious transformation. Most of my life, I ate the 'Standard American Diet' (aka SAD foods) almost exclusively. My go-to foods included cheeseburgers, cheese noodles, French fries, pizza and anything sweet. Animal products, fried or packaged 'foods' were the basis for most meals. Veggies and I were not very acquainted. My occasional salad was covered in ranch, cheese and croutons.

Flash forward: I now eat a whole foods plant-based diet. On average, I eat two raw meals a day, all plant based. Being Vegan to me is a compassionate way of life that fits with my values. Hence I avoid animal products. Colorful vegetables and fruits, abundant taste and creativity have replaced convenience. I have found a way to love myself, animals and the planet with each meal, striving to prevent disease.

I ate the 'Standard American Diet' (aka SAD foods) almost exclusively...

Flash forward: I now eat a whole foods plant-based diet.

For many years, my job required hours sitting at a computer, and it took its toll. Every day was the same: my muscles were tight, my joints inflamed, and body ached all over. I grew more toxic daily due to the foods I consumed, and incidental environmental toxins we are all exposed to. Being laid off was a low point that allowed me the opportunity to re-evaluate what I was doing with my life.


How could I be kinder to and take better care of myself?


I did a lot of research on what would prevent, and potentially reverse, disease, especially cancer. Along the way, some things really stuck: vegetable juicing, an alkalizing plant-based diet, herbal supplementation, and overall chemical avoidance where possible.

My natural and healthy lifestyle adjustments allowed me to drop 60lbs in 9 months.  I experienced a full 180 in my energy, inflammation, awareness, appreciation, spirituality, compassion and mindset. As my health has improved people have been asking what I am doing to see such results.


In upcoming posts, videos and free guides, I will share more of my story, tips, truths, peaks and the pivot points.

I really enjoy connecting with clients and I thrive when clients succeed and surpass personal goals. Each client inspiring me to continue on my health harvesting journey.

As you follow the growing tribe we will work together to reshape mindsets, getting away from restrictive dieting and extreme exercise. Moving toward sustainable results to increase vitality and self-appreciation. Feeding your body with the nutrients it requires to heal with unbelievable side effects in other aspects of your life.

I hope you follow along and participate in our journey to harvest our health and wellness together. 

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