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so you can heal gently 

& THRIVE in your body again. 

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With Autumn Schulze

Biomedical Scientist, Herbalist

& Gut Health Mentor

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- 6 Weeks -
On Demand Learning
Herbs & Infusing Teas, Tinctures, Oils, Salves, Honeys
& Syrups!
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We help you love food & your body 

- at the same time

To SUPPORT, GUIDE & EMPOWER others to utilize & learn HERBAL REMEDIES to support daily needs.

To creating a LIFESTYLE, not a diet, that NOURISHES your taste buds & your body.

To connecting SCIENCE & SELF-CARE so you can REACH GOALS while keeping your sanity.


To HARVEST HEALTH with a body so purposefully nourished you’ll learn to LOVE THRIVING in it again.

​Many of our community seek support for:


​gut pain & dysfunction

chronic & adrenal fatigue

hormone imbalance & fertility

anxiety & stress support

immune system support 

therapeutic herbal remedies

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About Autumn

Bio-Medical Scientist, Herbalist, 
Gut Health Mentor & Food as Medicine Expert

Autumn Schulze spent 13 years in Pharmaceutical Research before her Father’s Cancer returned. That's when she decided to learn herbalism as well as utilizing food as medicine.


Autumn believes in everyday gently detox to release body burden and yummy daily nutrition to support health goals. Not only did this support her Father, it also ended up helping her heal herself too.

As a Herbal Health Mentor Autumn supports & empowers others to heal their gut & reverse fatigue so they can learn to love to living in their bodies again.

Video is her preferred medium of expression so she has created a number of online courses.

Autumn lives outside of Austin, Texas with her Wife Beth, 4 Pomeranians & Orange Tabby. She loves reading, learning & getting lost in gardening. She also enjoys to travel with her RV to the mountains and to learn about bio-regional herbalism.


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