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A Bit About My Garden

I have a eclectic mix of items in the garden. For example above is a metal bike I spray painted. My mom gave me the ivy and the little raccoon figurine in the bike basket.

You can see some shepherds hooks in the back I was painting and a lovely gazebo that I am using as a plant hanging station.

One great performer that I have all over the property is May Night Salvia aka Meadow Sage. It is my favorite color, purple, and it will flower off and on all year almost here in central Texas.

It is pretty deer resistant to boot. They will not eat mine unless were in extreme drought.

As my favorite overall flower I have a lot of varieties of Hibiscus. Last year I put one in the ground and with plastic coverage it survived the winter. Now they all better watch out, in the ground they go. The less to move into a greenhouse the better.

It really is too bad that the blooms only last a day.

The humming birds love them to boot!

I will close for now with a new addition to the garden this year. The Iceland Poppy. The plant I got bloomed with white, orange, yellow and pink blooms.

It is my first poppy and it was so neat to watch the flowers race to reach the height of the other flowers.

Stay tunes for more garden updates and details of my new herb garden additions.

I have tested many plants and will share which are Texas performers. For me anyway.

Till next time, continue to harvest your health!

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