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Fitlife Live 2016

It is difficult where to begin when describing the Fitlife Live 2016 event in San Diego, CA on June 25 & 26th.

Oh, the FUN us Coaches had at our private dinner! Watchout!

I arrived in San Diego on the Thursday before the event. Got to the Hard Rock Hotel, in the Gaslamp District, about 3 in the afternoon.

I was able to get my room set up, which included hiding the candy/chip snack tray in the top dresser drawer. $4.00 a candy bar? No way. I am here on a Fitlife transformation trip for goodness sake.

I was able to go and enjoy the weather, about 20 degrees F. cooler than home, at an outdoor seating restaurant. The ocean was just a couple blocks away so the breeze was amazing and almost chilly. After my first flight in a while, a whole fear issue, I thought I deserved a drink. Apparently my travel companion, Siggy, thought so too!

The water in the room was 7-11$, no tha-ank ya-hooo.

I was able to stock my room with water from World Market, only a couple blocks away.

Then I debated in my room whether I should go out and see the nearby sights before it got dark. I am sure glad I went out, because I ran into one of the coaches I watch weekly on TV transforming peoples lives.

As I was heading outside of the hotel I could not help but get my eye caught by The Change Artist himself, Chris Powell!

He was so nice, humble and genuine in person. We had a great, but brief, conversation about my transformation and coaching job switch. Such a refreshing and friendly soul. A great way to start my weekend for sure.

Me and Chris Powell, AKA The Change Artist, from ABCs Extreme Weight Loss. &

I then crossed over and went up the 100 stairs, yep 100, at the Convention Center.

It was worth it for the view in my opinion. A marina with a great walking/exercise path, that led to shopping and restaurants at Sea Port Village. The other way was the bridge to Coronado Island.

Everyone was active and out enjoying the sunny afternoon. Every time I go I can't get over the temperatures and constant California breeze.

Playing with my new selfie stick!

On Friday I met up with some of the other Fitlife coaches and we did the live membership video call together as a group, which was fun together on video. Then we went to vitalitytap and got green juices and juice shots. Sweet nectar. We then got salads at Tender Greens.

Assistant Director of Coaching, Jill, even posted a Facebook Live Video about it. My first live video on FB!

I got to meet juice guru and Fitlife.TV founder, Drew Canole.

Director of Coaching, Miss Mae Desmond. Such pure energy.

Such great food along the way. Salads, juice and PityaPlus (dragonfruit) bowls, oh my.

A great yoga teacher, Melissa Sujata Smith, had me extremely sore the second day!

Also a HUGE shout out to Vitality Tap in downtown San Diego for providing the delicious "Vitality Greens" green juice for our Guinness Book of World Records event!

Learned to like my first Kombucha - Health-Ade Pomegranate.

I am going to be doing future blogs and videos on what I learned at the event.

I left with such a re-invigoration of self belief.

I honestly could not stop smiling on the trip home, like a big old goof.

Even through Sand Diego airport TSA giving me the full VIP pat down.

What Was Happening At Fitlife LIVE?

We were juicing, enjoying healthy local food, learning how to create and implement a solid morning ritual, plus we got a ton of amazing speakers and health hacks to inspire you to continue moving forward in your journey.

Expert nutritionists, trainers and even holistic doctors. Drew's close friend and biohacking mentor, Kusha Karvandi was there to break the door down on traditional fitness. Kusha really knows his stuff when it comes to neuroscience.


Stephanie Kwong unveiled the hidden power of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is working whether you know it or not. It can be your biggest ally when you change your life. She’ll shows people how to take that power back.

Mike Sherbakov served in the marines and now dedicates his life to helping others live their best lives. He demonstrated how to use nutrition, mindfulness and yoga in your daily life as tools to be a better you.

Doctor Lauren Noel, she’s like an encyclopedia of knowledge. She shared the truth about digestion, your thyroid, your hormones…

I wanted to share the incredible speakers.

Drew Canole, Juicing Vegetables Organifi,, Positive Truth Bree Aregetskinger aka Betty Rocker Stephanie Kwong Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, The Body Code Mike Sherbakov Dallas Michael Cyr, IgnitePurpose Kusha Karvandi, CSCS Chris Pan with Jade Teta Dr. Lauren Noel - Naturopathic Doctor of Shine Natural Medicine Jim Fortin's Website:

Sponsors: Pitaya Plus - superfood fruit smoothies Perfect Bar - mouth-watering protein bars

Chosen Foods - Avocado oil Organifi - superfood green juice on the go

And Vendors: NuttZo for sampling their DELICIOUS superfood nut butters Nuts for Paleo for sampling their incredible Paleo Granola Shine Natural Medicine for providing B-12 Shots and IV Therapy SoulScape Gift and Bookstore for decorating the Meditation room and displaying their beautiful treasures!

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